7:00 am

Remember students: Time is gold, especially when it comes to learning. (but being tardy is inevitable for me... so here's a poem for us :P) You’re late, you rushed All sweat, you dashed Prof’s there, you entered Their lesson? You wondered Just sat, you listened Catching up, thoughts awakened Just understood, you smiled Written notes,... Continue Reading →


The Last Melody

His fingers… Pale yet vigorous, Gently strumming Strings vibrating Crushing silence left unused   His guitar… Faded blue in color, Creating sounds Music abounds Ignoring its one broken chord   His last note… Recognized genuinely perfect, Drawn from his heart Great masterpiece of art Played with his last breath   His body… So cold and... Continue Reading →


Hajimemashite - in Japanese language, it is a form of expression literally means “for the first time” (to see you) and corresponds to “How do you do?” or “I’m glad to meet you” in English according to the Basic Japanese booklet by Yukihiro Shimamura. So basically, the reason behind that title was a greeting to... Continue Reading →

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